About the PTO


Winners of our Calendar Raffle (so far)!!!
--to be updated weekly. *winners that donated back to the PTO (thank you)

1. Sherry Hatch $200 11. Amie Mackey $100
2. Michael Hayes $25 12. Jessica Ferrara $50
3. Saraha Coulter $75 13. Gretyl Macalster $75
4. Lois Sans $50 14. Samantha Brings $25*
5. Emily Baker $75 15. Jessica Bateman $150
6. Jackie Andrews $25 16. Christine MaGuire $50
7. Tim Bourrie $150 17. Shania DeShong $100
8. Cisa Mulligan $50 18.Kathy Robarge $75
9. Barb and Skip Cutting $75 19. Charlie/Jennifer Horan $25
10. Jennifer Brooks $25* 20.Sue St.Germain $150
21. Andrea Neuschuez $50
22. Gary Lytle $100
23. Dalissa Greenleaf $25
24. Barbara Griffin $75
25. Micheal Perley  $150
26. Dave Berry $50
27. Karen Bean $25
28. Rachel Cannon $100
29. Cyndy Duffy $75
30. Dawn Almazan $50
31. Jessica DuBois $100
32. Viola Canella $25
33. Toni Ross $500
34. Marilee Shackleford $75
35. Richard Pelletier $25
36. Laura Chick $100
37. Warren Emery $25
38. Mike Whitcher $50
39. Sarah Cutting $150
40. Stacy Poirier $250

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Our Monthly Board meetings take place the first Tuesday of the month in the School Library 6-7pm.
 The dates are as follow : 

     1/9, 2/6, 3/6, 4/3, 5/1, 6/5

If you're a parent of a Strafford School student you ARE part of the PTO, all are invited to the meetings and events!

President: Heidi Jordan straffordpto@strafford.k12.nh.us
Vice President & Volunteer Coordinator: Cindy Gale
Treasurer: Fay Aucella
Secretary: Elizabeth Buehne
Teacher Liaison: Cynthia Duffy
Public Relations: Lindsay Gilman
Web Coordinator and Media: Andrea Meehan

The PTO is a group of parents and teachers working together to assist our school in providing our children, families and community with an enthusiastic, high-quality, thorough and positive educational experience. We support our school through a variety of fund raising activities and family oriented events throughout the year. Additionally, from time to time, we may provide support to other groups within our school system to help them achieve their individual goals. Community focus is also important and incorporated into our activities when possible.

 The PTO is looking for new ideas and volunteers to assist in the many projects we undertake during the year. We are looking for volunteers in every aspect, from baking to commitments on an event by event basis, or even an hour or two a year! 

It takes many volunteers to make these programs successful.

We hope that you will help us make this year another great year in Strafford!


The Strafford PTO exists to promote the welfare of our children at home, at school and in the community.  Our goal is to facilitate parents and teachers working together in the educational process, as well as providing support, as we are able, based on our fundraising efforts.  

The PTO raises money for classroom supplies per teachers' requests, purchasing school equipment, and providing enrichment assemblies.  We also strive to support school wide field trips, 6th grade Camp Merrowvista, 8th grade graduation gifts, Destination Imagination, and much more!  In addition, the PTO puts on the Kindergarten Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Hollow, the Shopping Spree, the Christmas Craft Fair, and Field Day.  We conclude the year with a week long Teacher Appreciation Celebration.

Our goal in the 2017-2018 school year is to increase our membership to form a cohesive network of engaged, committed individuals.  We understand that not everyone has the same resources, but everyone has something to offer! Volunteers are welcome to help with fundraising, baking or helping out with the many activities we offer throughout the school year! We can't do what we do without YOU!